Photographer Anne Nyblæus

Att leva med konst och design 2013-01-29

"Att leva med Konst & Design" is a beautiful coffeetable book about people who have a greate passion for art and how they expose their art in their homes. It´s a book who shows different attitudes towards the artcollecting. Photographer Anne Nyblæus initiated this bookproject together with stylist Anette Mörner in 2010, who herself has a background in the artworld as her husband Axel Mörner is very immurged in the artworld and know the area. They´ve visited and photographed many interesting homes and met many interesting people. Writer and journalist Lotta Lewenhaupt, former editor of Swedish Elle Interiör, has written all the text. The beautiful and timeless graphic design of the book is done by Greger Ulf Nilsson.

"Konstnärer & deras Ateljéer" 2013-01-22

"Konstnärer i deras Ateljéer" is a beautiful coffeetable books on Swedish contemporary artist pictured in their mythical studios. Photographer Anne Nyblæus and stylist Anette Mörner initiated this bookproject in the meantime they produced the book "Att leva med Konst & Design". They have visited 26 different artists in their many different studios. Some work in their bedroom whilst other work on an airplane or a bus with a laptop. Today they are no limits for creating. Everything is permitted as long as you are devoted to your call work. The texts and interviews are done by Bo Madenstrand, chief editor of the designmagazine Form, and the beautiful and timeless graphic design is done by Greger Ulf Nilsson.

Bookproject "Food for thought" 2013-01-15

The book "Food for thought" is a lifestyle book about raw food, initiated by Ulrika Holm, who started Blueberry-conceptstore and cafe. All photographs are done by me, Stephanie Bielkenstam has done the graphic design and Ulrika Holm has written the texts. The book is published by Annika Bladh at Bladh by Bladh.

Var rädd om maten 2013-01-09

Bookproject "Säsongens Mat" 2013-01-08

"Säsongens Mat" is written by GI-profile Ewa Skiöldebrand and published by ICA Förlag 2011. The graphic design is by Marianne Wikner.

Lekfullt 2013-01-01